Brother PC-420 PRW Sewing Machine

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Brother PC-420 PRW

The Brother PC-420 is part of the limited edition Brother sewing machine line. This sewing machine is definitely for more serious sewers and people who may be interested in even making a profit from their sewing machine projects.

The Brother PC -420 PRW was made for especially for people who are looking to make clothing and other accessories. This sewing machine can be used for other projects, as it was also made to help people save a ton of time on their sewing projects as well.

This particular machine has a lot to offer to the buyer and is definitely worth its price considering everything this machine comes with.

Here are just some highlighted features of the Brother PC420 sewing machine.

Brother PC-420 Stitches

The Brother PC-420 PRW comes with an amazing 294 built-in stitches. This includes your basic utility switches as well as designer stitches. To use these stitches all it takes is a simple press of a button and is not very complicated at all. There is even a direct select button for 12 of the most popular utility stitches.

The exact stitches that come with the Brother PC-420 RW include 67 utility stitches, 31 decorative stitches, 16 satin stitches, 5 cross stitches, 10 decorative satin stitches, and 165 letters and characters (55 letters and characters in 3 fonts).

Brother PC420

This isn’t the best part of the machine though.

This machine also comes with a special stitch creation program called My Custom Stitch. This program allows you to design your own stitches, which is a must for any designer or expert crafter, and then save them right on the sewing machine so you can use them again.

There are directions that come with the Brother PC420 on how to use this program, but it is not as complicated as you may think. You use the LCD panel right on the computerized sewing machine to create your stitches. You are provided with the grid paper so you can plan the stitches out on the axis before you program it into the sewing machine.

You can create and store up to 70 stitch patterns in addition to the 294 that come with the machine.

Automatic Thread Cutter

This feature of the Brother PC-420 alone, convince most people to buy this sewing machine over another one. The machine comes with an automatic thread cutter button, which definitely comes in handy and saves time when you have a lot of sewing to do.

When you are done sewing with a certain color thread or just completely done with your project, simply press the button and the machine will cut your top and bottom threads so that you can easily remove your materials. No more having to lift everything up and dig your hands around to get your thread out and cut. Nope, simply press the automatic thread cutter and you can remove the bobbin and your thread and not have to waste time.

Included Presser Feet with the Brother PC-420 PRW

The presser feet for the Brother PC-420 PRW sewing machine easily snap on and off. It includes 13 different presser feet which in itself is worth around $100-$150.

The presser feet included with this machine include:

  • Buttonhole
  • Button Fitting
  • Quilting
  • Overcastting
  • Monogramming
  • Zipper
  • Stitch Guide
  • Zigzag (general purpose foot)
  • Blind Stitch
  • Walking Foot
  • Adjustable Zipper
  • Non-Stick Foot
  • Open Toe Foot

Other Brother PC420 Features

This sewing machine was definitely designed to make your sewing projects faster and easier. For example, being able to create your own stitches and actually save them on the machine can save you a ton of time on your projects. Also, the simple select buttons for stitches saves you time from having to search for the different stitches.

Another feature that saves you time and frustration is the automatic thread cutter. You can cut off plenty of time from having to cut the bobbin thread and work the thread out of the needle. Instead the machine does this for you.

Here are some other notable features of the Brother PC420 that make it a pretty impressive machine.

  • Twin needle function
  • Automatic needle threader
  • 14 different needle positions
  • Adjustable thread tension
  • Quick set bobbin
  • Maximum speed of 850 stitches per minute
  • Start/Stop button which means you can sew without a foot pedal
  • Knee lifter which allows you to keep your hands on your fabric
  • LCD control panel which displays what stitch you are using as well as a help button
  • Convenient controls right in the center of the sewing machine
  • Built-in work lamp
  • Attached carrying handle
  • Free arm sewing

Brother PC-420 Sewing Machine Accessories

Brother pc-420 sewing machineA very nice aspect of the Brother PC-420 is that it comes with an organization tray for all the accessories. This can help you stay more organized and not lose your accessories or have to store them in a tiny little compartment on the sewing machine.

The accessories that come with this sewing machine include:

  • 4 Bobbins (Requires SA156 bobbins)
  • 6 pack of needles
  • Seam ripper
  • Twin needle
  • Cleaning brush
  • 1 large screwdriver and 1 small screwdriver
  • 4 Spool caps
  • Eyelet punch
  • Extra spool pin
  • Hard cover case for easy storage
  • Grid sheet for the stitch creation program
  • 1 year warranty on parts and labor as well as a limited 25 year warranty on the rods and shafts

Brother PC-420 PRW Reviews

The Brother PC-420 PRW is currently rated 4.8 stars out of 5. It is one of the highest rated sewing machines that are currently on the market.

I own this machine, it is everything I had hoped it would be. I have two other machines, but this is my favorite! I have yet had a problem with it. It is quite, threads like a dream, love the see through bobbin case, and I love that the thread spool is covered and protected from dust.

It has so many stitches that I may never use them all, but the ones that I have used always look great and the decorative stitches look better than some I have seen from a much more expensive machine!

If you are on the fence about buying this machine, go ahead and take the plunge! You will love it and will want to sew more than ever and the price Amazon has it for is a great price, I paid quite a bit more for mine!

-Review from Glo

I have a wonderful older Husqvarna which has been wonderful. But I wanted to buy fancy feet and they are anywhere from $29 to $100 a piece. I researched and could get this machine with all the feet I could want for the same amount of money. It feels like I’ve had a great old Mercedes but this is a fancy new Minivan with a GPS. Some of the modern conveniences include the auto threader. I never realized how useful this would be! Wow, is it a time saver especially when you start to get bleary eyed. I also like the monogramming. It’s not the clearest but I like the small size to label things. I’ve been labeling facings for example with fabric content so I know how to wash them later. I thought I’d never give up the Husqvarna and convinced my husband I need to keep it as a back-up but I have not wanted to use anything but this PR machine since I got it. One of the main reasons is that the extra feed dogs really move the fabric through in a more consistent way. I like the stretch stitches and though I haven’t used the button holer, it is a main draw since doing it manually is less consistent. The only drawback I’ve found so far is that you can’t create a really long basting stitch. Sometimes I like to go up to 7 on my old machine. This only goes to a size 5 stitch which isn’t all that long when you’re gathering, for example.

-Review from Karen


There are definitely a lot of pros to this the Brother PC-420 especially if you do a lot of sewing and may want to get more serious about your sewing projects. If you are a budding fashion designer this Project Runway sewing machine can definitely be your best friend. It can help you save a ton of time and is not as complicated as some people may think.

If you only do sewing every once in a while or you really have no need for tons of different stitches, you may want to consider a cheaper sewing machine like the Brother XL2600i.

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